Monday, April 29, 2013

Pig Pen Cake DIY

Want to make a cake that is a standout at your next party? 
Here is the little creation I made. I found it on pinterest, but the directions were a little bit long and complicated! So I have simplified and make it easier to follow!

Here is what you will need:

Cake mix (or your homemade cake) 
Frosting of your choice
Kit Kats - about 20 packs of the 4 piece ones (in case some break)
Chocolate Fondant- baking section or cake store
Pink Fondant - baking section or cake store
2- 8in cake pan

First things first, make your cake!
Let it cool, then use some frosting to stack the two cakes on top of each other.

Frost the top and the sides
Roll out enough chocolate fondant to cover the top of the cake. 
It works like play dough so its pretty easy to work with.
Lay it on top and trim it to fit the top of your cake leaving just a tiny bit extra.
Then start putting the kit kats on. I used two together and kept going around. Its easier if someone helps and has the ribbon ready. Once all the kit kats are in place, tie the ribbon tight!

If you used chocolate frosting as the paste to hold everything together, you can use some on top to make splashes of mud.

Then the fun part. Take the pink fondant and start rolling it into balls like play dough. Shape your pigs. Then use a toothpick to make the eyes, belly buttons, and pig butts. 

Stick the piggies into the mud on top and voila! You're cake is complete!

Fondant is completely edible and actually taste delicious!!!

Here was the cake at my daughter's birthday!!! She wanted to eat those piggies before the candles were even blown out!!!