Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wolcott Mill Metropark {A Walk in the Woods}

My little lovebug was able to spend a few hours with her half brother this last week!
They had a blast. It has been nearly 8 months since they have seen each other, but were playing together like old friends. It was definitely really cool so see how much they enjoyed each other's company! And they were both blessed with some big beautiful blue eyes! 
I know I have said it before but there is something so magical about watching children play. 
I feel like they know how to have fun without holding back. Children are so free spirited. 

 Now this one cracks me up. I love the silly expressions!

 Now you've never really lived until you've had a leaf war. 
They had fun throwing leaves at each other.

And would you look at those big beautiful blue eyes!

Then the dancing began! They were laughing and smiling and twirling all around. Seriously one of the funniest things ever!

 And of course more leaf throwing!

It was almost like they had their own language. 
They were talking about silly things and laughing like crazy! 

Then I got some photos of Noah and his mama!