Friday, September 9, 2016

Dos + Don'ts for planning your wedding!

Photography By Brittni Marie | 2016

There are so many things to consider when planning your wedding. What should I do? What shouldn't I do? Here I came up with a short list of things to do and not to do when planning your wedding! 

DO NOT be a superbride.

I know, I know, easier said than done. I know you want to plan every last detail. You want to do everything. It can be done, don't get me wrong, but you're going to stress yourself completely out! You know what happens to most superbrides? They lose steam about 2 months before the big day and are left scrambling to get things organized and completed. Want an easy solution? Ask for help. That's what your MOH is for. Thats what your mom, dad, grandma, sister, cousin, etc is for! Solicit help for those who want to help you anyways. You can still create all of the ideas and plans, but let someone help you complete all of your tasks. (And don't forget to create a checklist!)

DO your ceremony decor.

Your ceremony is likely to only last anywhere from 20 mins to an hour. You can totally create some beautiful decor for your ceremony especially if the site is already beautiful! Any extra flowers or candles would make a great start for doing this.

DO NOT have a cash bar.

Please do not do this. People get soo offended when this happens. Your guests would much rather give you a monetary gift than have to pay for their own beverages. You do not have to go crazy with top shelf options either. You could even decide to do just a select few.

Photography By Brittni Marie | 2016

Photography By Brittni Marie | 2016

DO your wedding favors.

It's always nice to add a personal touch to wedding favors. People get a good feeling from something handmade like treats or cookies or candies. I shot a wedding that had michigan shaped cookie cutters with a sugar-cookie recipe from the bride's grandma. It was cute, simple, and sweet!

DO NOT do your own music.

Your I-tunes library will run out eventually and you will be left running back and forth to your music and it will be chaos. You could hire a DJ or a live band. Either option is great and saves you a hassle! (Ask me for some recommendations!)

DO your own invitations.

It is super easy to create your own invitations, save the dates, etc. You could even have your photographer create one for you. Sometimes its hard to find the perfect one pre-created that is not too cliche.
I partner with basic invite. They have some super adorable options! Feel free to use my code below to get a discount!

DO NOT do your own photos.

As much as you would love to rely on your family to capture all of the details of your day its very unlikely they will get everything (and well). Hire someone to do this. Keep you life stress free! Check out my link here to see my post on why to hire a professional photographer!

Ok now that I have bombarded you with some dos and don'ts here is a maybe. haha

MAYBE do you own makeup.

Now this one is a maybe because if you already love the way you do your make up then I say go for it! Some people have the creative touch to do perfect make up. If you are not gifted in this area hire someone. Make sure you do a trial run first to make sure you like what they do!

Photography By Brittni Marie | 2016

Thanks for reading! Comment below if you agree! Let me know if you have any additional ideas as well!

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