Friday, February 17, 2017

Brian + Lyndsey // Zuccaro's Banquet Hall Wedding

Brian and Lyndsey were married right in my hometown of Richmond, Michigan at St. Augustine Church. If you are from Richmond I am sure you have attended many weddings here! I absolutely love the vintage vibe these two kept for their wedding! The classic black tuxes, a birdcage instead of a veil. It was a very classy! When Brian proposed he made sure to ask Lyndsey's son if it was ok for him to marry his mom. I think that is just the sweetest! 

I have never met a couple who laughed together as much as these two. In the maid of honor speech she spoke of how they are weird together and I think that perfectly describes Brian and Lyndsey. They bring out the best "weird" versions of each other! 

I was really excited when they asked me to re-create a relatives wedding photo! It turned out soooo cute! Plus, who doesn't love vintage cars! I also re-created the photo for Brian's grandparents! Check it out below!

(scroll to the bottom to see the crazy skies from the storm that rolled in later that evening!)

Church: St. Augustine Church | Richmond, Mi