Thursday, November 19, 2015

Jason + Jessica // Millers Big Red Pregnancy Announcement // Maternity

Jessica + Jason

I was very excited when Jessica asked me to do her pregnancy announcement photos. 
I have know Jessica since middle school and I love photographing people I know!
When Jason + Jessica met they fell in love quickly & got married quickly! 

Soon after they were married they wanted to have children. After trying for quite a while, they talked to their doctors and found out both of them had issues that made it very difficult to conceive. 
I can only imagine how devastating that must have been, but these two kept positive and went ahead and tried IVF twice. After two failed attempts they had pretty much given up when God stepped in. 
I am a huge believer in prayer and I believe that God could see how deeply they wanted to be parents!
Four years into their marriage they conceived NATURALLY! :)
How incredibly amazing is that? 
I know these two are going to be amazing parents that this baby is going to be surrounded by so much love. The minute I saw Jason & Jessica together I could see their connection. 
I hope you can see it too!
Congratulations to you both!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Crawford Wedding // Amy + Mark // Sycamore Hills Golf Club

Mark + Amy
This was such a beautiful wedding at Sycamore Hills Golf Club.
When talking with Amy I asked her how she felt on her big day and she said 
"My favorite moment was our first dance. I have always wanted a Frank Sinatra Wedding. 'Born and old soul' as her mother says!" 
I have to agree the music was fantastic. I loved the old school feel. It was timeless and classic. 
I am also a big Frank Sinatra fan. I love hearing covers of his songs as well! 
Mark & Amy first danced to At last by Etta James!
As much as the first dance was beautiful, I really enjoyed the ceremony. You could truly see the connection between these two. Mark and Amy both teared up as Amy walked down the isle. 
I could really feel that anticipation and excitement all in one.