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Looking for a few helpful tips on planning your wedding? I know, I know, it can be very daunting.
Weddings are a combination of happy and scary! But what if everything doesn't have to be? Let me explain. What if a few tips can save you a little bit of stress and worry?

Being that I am a photographer, I only have limited advice to give you, but its enough to help you choose the right photographer!

1.)  Hire a professional…. period! Not that newcomers are not equipped to photograph your wedding beautifully, but make sure they know what they are talking about. Do they have a degree? If not do they have the experience and artistic style you are looking for? They may have a TON of experience, yet their style is not quite YOUR style. That's ok, find a photographer that matches your style! Check out their website, their blog, their Facebook page, their reviews. Do not be afraid to hire someone with limited wedding experience if you already love their style. Are they a very talented child photographer and have images that is just to die for? Ask if they do weddings! Just make sure they are someone you can trust. Not your friends uncles cousin who does wedding photography for fun. This goes for DJs and many other vendors as well.

2.)  Spending MORE money can often get you a better photographer. Ask what their packages include. How much time are they spending with you? Do they include a flash drive? Do they include an album? Or are you simply paying for their time? These are all questions that can help you decide what photographer gives you more for your money without compromising the quality and professionalism.

To me, the photographs are the most important part. I want to have those memories to cherish forever. I want them to be crisp, clean, and timeless. I do not want to look back and regret not spending more money on someone who could have delivered all of that. If someone is only charging $500 to capture your wedding it sounds like a great deal, but take a look at their work. Is it even good? No possible photographer could make a living on that. They would have to photograph 80 weddings a year in order to make $40,000. That is almost two weddings a weekend. Crazy!

3.)  Maybe hire a professional for the lighting at your reception. If you are having your reception at a hall ask if they have lighting set up. If not you will have to find someone to do this for you. This is a benefit not only to you, but also your photographer. Otherwise they have a much harder time setting up lights and capturing good images.

4.)  Find a beautiful place to get ready (not the kitchen of the church). This will help with your getting ready photos if they are somewhere that is a natural setting to be getting ready.

5.)  Make sure you time things out correctly. You want to make sure there are enough time in between the ceremony and the reception for pictures. This is usually where you will go to your alternate location for your couples photos as well as the photos with your bridesmaids and groomsmen. You will need at least an hour or two. This could be a cocktail hour at your reception.

6.)  DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. Let me repeat: DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!  You want to ensure your wedding day is happy and carefree. Make sure everything is planned well in advance and have a go to person that is to be asked any questions people have. A good person for this would be the mother of the bride or the maid of honor. This way the bride and groom can relax before they said I DO!

7.)  Give your photographer a list of MUST HAVE photos. They want to make sure they capture every detail of your wedding perfectly for you. This helps them out a ton and ensures you get all of the photographs you wanted. Also if certain family members do not get along or are divorced, let your photographer know that as well to avoid any awkward situations!

8.)  Make sure you are getting everything you want from your photographer. Meet with them for coffee. Talk about every little detail, even things you may think are silly. You need to know everything that is included, sign contracts, and so on. Book early! Photographers fill up quickly, especially wedding photographers. They often only book one, maybe two weddings per weekend. Snag your date up right away. Even if its a year and a half early! If they are the photographer you want, do not wait.

9.) Pinterest it up. Follow your photographer on pinterest. They may have some great wedding pins that fit your style. Obviously they can't take every pinterest inspired photograph you like, but they can envision the style you are going for. Are you going for clean and classic? Rustic and Chic? Vintage? Retro? Modern? Let them get a feel for your style so they know what you are going for.

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