Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DIY Tutu

So here's the deal. 
I think that tutus are ADORABLE,
 but I wasn't willing to shell out the money to buy one. 
SOOOO I made one instead! 
Want to make one of your own? Its REALLY simple!

All you need is:
1.)  Elastic band material (found at local craft store)
2.)  Tulle / 3 yards (local craft store)
3.)  Scissors
4.)  Needle and Thread
5.) (Optional) Hot glue gun
6.) (Optional) Any cute accessory you want to add

diy tutu

Start off cutting the elastic to size. Toddlers are generally around 18in 
4/5 year olds are around 22/23in 
or you can measure the little one you're making it for!
Sew the ends together to make it a circle

Cut the Tulle into strips. I generally make them around 5in wide
for babies length should be about 12in
toddlers length should be around 24in 
and 4/5 year olds length should be around 29in

diy tutu
After that double up the strips and fold them in half
You're going to tie them to the elastic in a loop fashion 
The pictures below should help a lot more than my words will :) 

The amount of strips you cut and tie is up to you. 
It really depends on how full you want the tutu. 
diy tutu

diy tutu

diy tutu

If you would like to add any accessories, now is the time!
You can add fabric flowers around the band or jewels. 
The possibilities are really endless. 
Hot glue them around the elastic band or right onto the tulle you tied. 

You're tutu is Complete! 
diy tutu, tutu tutorial 

Hope you enjoy your little tutu! :)

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