Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wolcott Mill ~ Two Year Olds are AWESOME

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Lucky me I got to meet this little cutie the other day at the Wolcott Mill Metropark!
Can you believe how pretty those baby blues are!
Two Year Olds are lots of fun. They may be hard to photograph, but it is sooo worth it!
You can always get the most real smiles out of children this age because they like to be more active!

It was such a beautiful day out here. I just love all of the fall colors. 
They went pretty perfectly with this handsome little guys fall outfit!

I just had to throw in a black and white! 

Not only does that little boy have beautiful eyes, he has long eyelashes too!

There is not much more wonderful than a childs love for their mama! He was getting tired of being fabulous and having his photos taken. Its hard work!

Thank you for letting me photograph your little boy! I had fun! :)

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