Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Delaney {Newborn}

Oh how sweet little miss Delaney is! I have always felt that babies and flowers are very similar. 
Like the flowers that bloom and grow in the spring, newborns give you that same peace. 
They represent similar things to me. Beauty and growth. 
Delany is no exception. She is a little beauty. 
So I framed her in with flowers. :)

Her Auntie made a lot of cute headbands and tutus for her photoshoot. 

I absolutely love shots like this. I really feel like this is a precious moment between baby and parent. 
As chaotic as being a new parent can be, its moments like this that we cherish. The calm moments where you can soak in every detail and every breath your little one makes. 
It makes being a mom or dad so rewarding. 

This is definitely one of my favorite parts of newborn sessions. I love the little details. 
I mean look at her little baby hair and those toes! Ahh so cute!

Thank you both for trusting me to photograph Delaney. 
You both are great parents and I can see all the love she has surrounding her!

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