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DIY Unicorn Headband with Flowers

DIY Unicorn Headband with Flowers

Hi there! Brittni here!
So my daughter is turning 7 next month and I decided to throw her a unicorn themed birthday so of course I had to make her a unicorn headband so she fits the part. I'm not sure how many more years I will be able to give her fun birthdays before she decides she's too old for it so I am soaking up every minute of this! 

This headband was actually pretty easy to make! I had all of the materials on hand and was able to make this without having to buy anything! (This never happens!) So I thought I would share it with you! Its fun and cute! Now you can make these for kids or adults! I honestly might wear this for Halloween this year after she uses it for her birthday!


  1. Felt - I used pink and white
  2. Hot glue gun
  3. String (glittery is fun)
  4. Scissors
  5. Fake flowers (You can choose various sizes and colors)
  6. Fake leaves
  7. A headband (I used a pink sparkly one)
  8. Patience (ha ha ha)

supplies for unicorn headband with flowers

  1. The first thing I did was take the flowers and leaves off the stem. I bought these at Michaels. They pop right off. 
  2. Then I cut the pink felt into a rectangle and folded it half so it made a square. Then I rolled it so that one end was tight and the other loose (a cone shape like a horn would be). Once I had it the desired shape I hot glued the open piece in place so it would stay in the horn shape.
  3. Then I cut a piece of gold ribbon (you can use ribbon or string) and wrapped it around the cone. You want to make it somewhat tight but not too tight! I glued it at the bottom and at the top.
    unicorn headband horn
  4. Then I hot glued the horn onto the headband. I held it on at least 30 seconds to allow the glue to cool and harden a little. 
  5. After that I cut the white felt into an ear shape and a pink piece to be the inner part of the ear. I attached the pink to the white with hot glue. Then I pinched the bottom of the ears (where they will attach to the headband) together so they aren't just flat ears but have some shape to them and glued that part. Then I attached them to the headband with hot glue. 
    unicorn headband ears
  6. At this point I started gluing the flowers and leaves into an arrangement I liked. You can arrange them before you glue to make sure you like the design. You may want smaller flowers than I used if you want the ears to be more prominent. I was only using what I had so I may have picked a little smaller flowers if I was buying them for the project. 
  7. Then I let it dry. It turned out soooooo cute and I hope my little one loves it! 
unicorn headband with flowers

unicorn headband with flowers

unicorn headband with flowers detail photo

DIY unicorn headband with flowers

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