Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Kowalski Wedding // Noah's Event Venue // Auburn Hills, MI

Katy + Shad had one of the most beautiful weddings this year! I love how these two are so goofy with each other. You can truly see and feel how much they enjoy each other.  Plus, I mean, look at all of that chemistry! WoWzA! 

Noah's Event Venue has to be one of my favorite places to shoot weddings at as well! The staff is friendly, the place is stunning, and the grounds surrounding it are beautiful as well! 

Anyways, back to Katy and Shad!
During the reception these two cracked me up with their hilarious garter removal and toss, glow sticks, and tons of dancing! Receptions are 10000000000% better when people are getting down and dancing!

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