Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Noah & Francesca

Lucky me!!! I had the chance to photograph the kids of someone I have known basically all my life!!!
Growing up I was best friends with Heather's sister Ashley, we did everything together. I haven't seen either of them in a looong time so I was really excited when Heather asked me to photograph her kids. I got to take photos of Noah, her son, in front of the lake across the street from my house. Its so peaceful out there, like a little oasis. Then we went inside and got some cute photos of her daughter Francesca. Now isn't that the cutest name ever? She has the biggest, prettiest eyes!!! I love all of her cute little outfits. It makes me miss my little girl being a baby.




yeah, he's pretty cool


traditional albanian attire from 100 years ago

Noah's Father is Albanian and this outfit is the traditional attire from over 100 years ago. It is made of wool. They lived in the hills where it was cold. I love the little hat, too bad we couldn't get him to wear it!


Now isn't this little girl such a cutie? Omg I just love how vintage her first outfit looks!!! And she has the biggest/prettiest eyes. 

Noah did not want any more pictures. He just wanted to play. So I snuck some lifestyle pictures of him playing cars! :)

Yes I am adorable: be jealous!

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