Monday, October 7, 2013

Wolcott Mill Metropark {One Year Old}

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I love nature, but even more than that I love taking photos out in nature.
What's even better is taking photos of beautiful little girls like this little gem!
She literally looks like a cute little baby doll! This is the second time I have been able
to photograph her. Last time I was able to get some shots of her and her older sister!
Here is an image from our previous shoot.

Seriously are they not the most gorgeous children?
This image was taken at Sunny Fields Botanical Gardens in Emmett, MI. 
If you've never been there, check it out!

 Isn't she just one of the most precious little girls?
She posed perfectly on this big ol' tree stump!
These photos were taken at Camp Rotary in Ray Township, MI. 
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They are a part of Wolcott Mill Metropark which is also a beautiful location!
Or check them out on Facebook Here
 And who doesn't love little toes? :)

I love her expression in the top left here. How stinkin cute is that look! 

Finally at the end of the session Momma let her be free in the river. It was cold, but refreshing!
She was sooooo happy to be able to play after her big photoshoot. 

If you look close enough in this last one, you can see a rainbow effect on the water where it meets her arms! 

Thank you for having me photograph Ms. L again. She is precious!
I cannot wait to photograph her again for christmas minis!!!

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