Saturday, July 16, 2016

Why should I hire a professional wedding photographer? 5 reasons!

Today I am going to talk to you about why hiring a professional photographer (or any professional vendor for that matter) is so darn important! I know a lot of people are looking for ways to save money on their big day. I get it, weddings are super duper expensive! However, you have to look at the big picture. Wedding photos are so so important. You spend all this money on making sure your day is perfect, so don't you want to make sure you have photos to show just how magical it really was? Its no secret you want your wedding to be flawless, so hire someone who wants to make your day flawless!

Photography By Brittni Marie | 2016

1. A professional is committed to YOU!

A professional will be committed to you and your big day! He/She is contracted to make sure they capture every detail of your big day. This is super important. Sometimes people hire friends or relatives who aren't as dedicated to you as you would think they should be. Please remember to sign a contract. This keeps you AND your photographer safe!

2. You will get quality photographs. 

I could not imagine having someone who is not experienced photograph my wedding. I want the day to be as carefree as I can make it. I want to fully trust whoever is photographing my big day. These are YOUR memories! You want to look back at your photos and relive the day. There are so many good pros out there it will not be hard to find one whose style perfectly compliments yours! As a photographer myself, I follow many other photographer of varying styles! 

3. An amateur photographer can ruin your wedding day...

A good wedding photographer must be both assertive and engaging in order to get the photos you are looking for. This requires someone who is experienced and professional. I was asked recently at a wedding if I always dress so nice. My answer was, "absolutely"! They went on to tell me that they have seen wedding photographers show up in sweat pants.... In my honest opinion that is so unprofessional. Weddings are a dressy event and every vendor should dress accordingly! 

Professional photographers are able to capture both candids and posed photographs (you want both trust me).  Seems like a no-brainer but you would be surprised how many amateurs are not able to do this. 
Photography By Brittni Marie | 2016
4. Professional photographers have a slew of equipment to capture every portion of your day. 

I personally have different lenses for different parts of the day. Each lens has a specific purpose. This gives my photos the exact feel that they need. Every one is important in capturing your day perfectly! Pictured here are some detail shots. I use either my 24-70 lens or my macro for details! 

5. You will get photos of things you didn't even know happened!

Reception photos are a lot of fun. Here I get to bounce around the dance floor catching random moments. Moments you (the bride or groom) may not have been present for but will love seeing later. You'll laugh seeing people dance silly and you'll cry when you see a picture of grandma kissing grandpa on the cheek. Its the little things. Little things a professional is trained to look for. 

Photography By Brittni Marie | 2016

 Remember to enjoy your big day! Book vendors who will make your day easy-going and fun!

Comment below and let me know what you think! 

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